Game Design

Lost Soul

2D Platform-adventure Game

Lost soul is a 2D platform-adventure game. I started construct a polished vertical slice of the game, which focuses on level design and puzzle design since 2023. The basic game mechanics include single-player exploration, puzzle-solving, and the most basic combat. I found inspiration from games like Little Nightmare and Inside. The project is created in Unity.

 Tags:  2D | Puzzle-solving | Platform | Unity 


Main Mechanics:

A Way Out

First-person Horror Game

A Way Out is a first-person horror puzzle game. Player will control a detective lost in a haunted and spooky old house, under the help and guidance by the spirit of one of the victims, trying to investigate into and to unveil the truth of an uncanny serial murder case happened in the house, still remaining unsolved.

 Tags:  3D | Horror | First-person | Single player 

Key Features (or Pillars)

Dark Slayer

2D Platformer

Dark Slayer is a 2D platformer game created in Unreal Engine 4. 

 Tags:  2D | Platformer | Unreal Engine | Pixel Art 

Dream Seed

3D Platformer

Dream Seed is a 3D platform game. The game follows a dreaming fairy attempting to collect dream seeds that bring good dreams to people. In the floating dreamland, the dreaming fairy needs to carefully move among floating squares while preventing herself from being haunted by “shadow monsters” that patrol and protect these dreaming seeds, to collect as many dream seeds as possible before she arrives at the final gate! 

Run, jump, avoid monsters, and find your way through the floating dreamland and collect dream seeds that bring good dreams to people. Become a dreaming fairy and discover more fun in this 3D platform game!

 Tags:  3D | Adventure | Platformer | Unity